scary Pokemon


scary Pokemon

7 scary, nasty and disturbing scary    Pokemon!

Boom! There is a ghost Pokemon lurching around the corner. It wants to feed on your blood and eat your soul. Just watch out! We are talking about the top 7 scary and nasty Pokemon! Beware these 7 Pokemon! It could be right around the corner. Be ready for scary Pokemon.

1.Drowzee, Eats in a “dream restaurant”


3 ways infographic

3 ways Pokemon can take over the world

Drowzee, eats kid’s dreams! Are kid’s dreams fresh and juicy? His appetizer, entree, and drink are kids dreams. How would you feel if you woke up and saw a Drowzee staring at you? Mind blown? Now we are getting real scary Pokemon!

2.Pinsir, People are my stress ball.

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mTears your body in half! Rips your head off (Like what a three your old would do to a doll). It uses us as a stress ball. It throws a temper tantrum on people! Devouring our red blood pure! This is the scary Pokemon, in my pick.

3.Lapent, Dead people are my food

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When people pass away Lapent eats your soul. It snacks on your soul. Souls are the fuel for the fire.  Your spirit helps to keep that lamp lit.

4. Banette, Seeks revenge on its old owner

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When dolls get thrown away Banette seeks revenge. Pins will be stuck in the body of the old owner! Its energy come from sticking needles into itself. So just imagine, how scared you would be of needles after that! Just look at its grin, it explains all of it. scary Pokemon pick 2.

5.Glalie, Munch on that icy body of yours

Image result for glalie

Your body is unable to do move. Your arms and legs are stiff. A lingering sound of munching keeps me awake. I see Glalie munching on my icy body. Minutes till I get doomed!

6.Haunter, Just look at my name

Image result for Haunter

You can judge by his name that he is a ghost. Haunter has a tongue made of poison! When a human is licked by it, the victim has a shaking fit until death is foreseen.

7.Cubone, I have a real face in disguise

Image result for cubone

The scary thing is Cubone dresses up like its mom. I had its mom’s head before it decomposed. He has the skull of his mother! What?!


Scary Pokemon

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This concludes my top 7 list. Hope you enjoyed!

scary Pokemon

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