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In the the title you saw a Pokemon funny meme. It is what this is all about,  funny pokemons . No, I mean, the really dumb Pokemon. There are some extremely weak Pokemon out there who just blew it. These are the funny pokemons,  I mean the total fails(the ones that make you think, why they even added such Pokemon). These Pokémon are benchwarmers in battle. These weak Pokemon are all ordered based on opinion. Let’s go through this list without laughing. Here are the 5 weakest and dumbest Pokemon ever! We are giving you all the stats to support our ideas. Pokemon animations funny

Pokemon funny or the top funny Pokemon.

Pokemon animations funny

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  1. Sunkern, Pokemon funny

  Sunkern has a base stat of 180, the weakest Pokemon in stats. Other than being adorable, this Pokemon is useless in battle. Atleast, he is an athlete! He competes in the Pokeathlon, an olympic games for Pokemon. Surprisingly, he beats Pokemon like M Charizard Ex 69/106 and Mewtwo. So, other than that he isn’t that useful in battle. Even after Sunkern evolves into Sunflora, it isn’t that strong, Sunflora base stats are 425, which is pretty average. But, Sunkern can only do 20 damage itself using Seed Bomb. It does have an ability called Sun Soak where you have to search through your deck for it’s next evolution, Sunflora. So, you can just use that ability to evolve it. So that makes it the strongest Pokemon in this list. This Pokemon comes under the category- Pokemon funny.


  1. Magikarp, Pokemon funny

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The most known weakest Pokemon on this list. It is like a fish out of water. Flopping and wiggling up and down. This card is just a fail. In it’s Pokemon card version, it has only 30 damage and it has a possibility of it’s attack, Epic Splash can do no damage. So it can be knocked out in one shot, easily. Magikarp evolves into Gyarados, which has 130 HP and can do a max damage of 80. So at least it’s evolution is strong. This Pokemon comes in the category of Pokemon funny.


  1. Electrode, Pokemon funny

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World’s most stupid Pokemon is Electrode. You might be wondering why? Doesn’t it have really good stats? It can do 100 damage and has 100 HP. How could it be the weakest Pokemon? Before reading the answer comment down below why you think Electrode is stupid?

The answer lies in one of its attacks, self-destruct. Speaks for itself doesn’t it? It does 100 damage to the opponent and also does 100 damage to itself. So it is like the trainer wants to knock out that Pokemon. So this attack makes the Pokemon go to the discard pile.

Just use Electric Beam not self destruct. That’s just common sense right?


  1. Unown, Pokemon funny

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Judging by the name you want to “un own” this Pokemon once you catch it.  This is because most Pokemon cards can learn other moves by training. But, Unown can’t learn any moves and can only do the basic moves that most Pokémon can learn. So it is literally useless in battle! It has a ability that says you have to discard this card and anything attached to it. It’s maximum damage that it could do is 10! Find this Pokemon in the category of Pokemon funny.


In a nutshell, we went over the most stupid and weakest Pokemon. It made me think why trainers even try to use this card? I hope you enjoyed our list for today! Pokemon funny! Click on link to find funny Pokemon cards.



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